The foundations for the aroma wheels were laid in collaboration with experts in the field of sensory analysis. The specialists created highly detailed individual data sheets for five apple varieties to accurately record their respective characteristics and evaluate their aromas.

The sensory characteristics were divided into three categories - aroma, taste, and texture - which in turn consist of additional subcategories. Texture, for example, focuses on crunchiness and firmness amongst other things, aroma can be divided into floral, fruity or spicy, and taste can be sweet or sour.

 The sensory experts then recorded these characteristics within the individual categories as percentages and used them as a basis for the area-based division of the circle elements - the more dominant the characteristic, the larger the area shown. In order to easily and quickly distinguish the various subdivisions and their sometimes subtle nuances, different shades have been added to make the aroma groups instantly identifiable.

Therefore, at the end of this innovative process, you could say that an aroma wheel says more than a thousand words. With just one glance, you are now able to learn more about five individual varieties of Marlene® apples than ever before.