Protected to the north by the Alps, South Tyrol - Südtirol enjoys over 300 days and 2.000 hours of sunshine a year. The extremely favourable soil and the strong temperature difference between night and day also play a key role in giving Marlene® apples their distinctive colour and crunch.

These qualities are evident from the first bite. The different altitudes, at which its apples grow, highly variable in this “apple paradise”, explain the rich array of Marlene® varieties. Between the 220-metre altitude of the valley floor and the 1000-metre altitude of the hills and mountains, every apple finds its ideal conditions.

Added to this is the unbridled passion of the local fruit growers who manage the apple orchards and work 365 days a year to ensure that their products are of the utmost quality when picked. These underlying factors guarantee consumers the exceptional flavour of Marlene® apples.