Oliver Pena Luque

In October 2016, Enigma debuted on the gastronomic scene under the management of Oliver Peña Luque as chef and, just eight months later, the restaurant was awarded a Michelin star and 95th place in the ‘50BEST’ ranking. This was made possible by the style of Oliver Peña Luque, whose cuisine is characterised by a sincere appreciation of producers.
The Catalan chef completed his gastronomic training and started working at the elBulli hotel in 2004. Following a series of other professional experiences, in 2012 he was appointed as chef at 41ºExperience. This was followed by further stints at various elBarri restaurants until the opening of the Enigma.

  • 3 Michelin stars
  • 82nd place in the ‘50BEST’ restaurant list