Crispy rice with tuna tartare, toasted almonds and Granny Smith apple
up to 35 min.
Granny Smith
Serves 2


  • Carnaroli rice, 200 g;
  • Goat cheese, 50 g;
  • Butter, 20 g;
  • Grana Padano (grated), 20 g;
  • Frying oil, to taste.



  • Slice of fresh tuna, 200 g;
  • Mayonnaise, 1 tablespoon;
  • Tabasco sauce, to taste;
  • Salt, to taste;
  • Black pepper, to taste.
  • Extra virgin olive oil, to taste;
  • Marlene® Granny Smith apple, to taste;
  • Blanched almonds, 40 g.

Chives, to taste.

Missing some ingredients?
You can omit the Tabasco if you don’t want it hot.

Chef in Camicia
Nicolò Zambello, Andrea Navone and Luca Palomba have all been friends since the first year of primary school. After taking different studies, they decided to found “Chef in Camicia” back in 2015. At the basis of this joint alliance is a love of food and a desire to present the world of food with a comprehensive approach.
Chef Andrea never fails to stir the emotions. This time he has created a really interesting twist on a recipe that is already very tantalising in its own right. Crispy rice is a very fashionable finger food at the moment but instead of using regular white rice the base consists of a genuine risotto creamed with goat’s cheese.

The combination with the tuna tartare, creamy thanks to the mayonnaise and slightly hot, is delicious. To finish in style, the light tart note of the Granny Smith apple and a bit of extra oomph from the chives. You’ll find it difficult not to fall in love.
Make a classic risotto: toast the rice, pour over white wine and allow to bubble off, then cook in stock (15 minutes).
Cream with the goat cheese, butter and Grana Padano cheese.
Leave to cool completely, pressing down firmly into a mould lined with clingfilm (so it is easy to remove later) so it is around 5 cm high.
Put it in the freezer for an hour before serving to firm it up even more.
Heat the frying oil to 180 °C.
Cut the rice into equal-size cubes.
Fry in the oil until a nice crust forms on the outside.
Set aside, keeping them warm until you serve.

Without peeling it, cut the Granny Smith apple into little cubes.
Dip in water and lemon juice to stop it oxidising.
Slice the almonds with a cutter, place on a baking sheet and toast for about 8-10 minutes at 160 °C.

Thinly slice the tuna, dice, and then reduce to a very fine tartare.
Season the tartare with oil, salt, pepper, mayonnaise and Tabasco according to taste.
Finely chop the chives.
To serve:
Place the tuna tartare on the crispy rice cakes.

Garnish with the chopped almonds and diced apple and sprinkle over the chives to finish.