Inspiration & lifestyle
Norbert Niederkofler
The celebrity chef, a native of Lutago in the Valle Aurina, introduces the world to the extraordinary flavours of his homeland. And for us, he creates unique dishes, revealing Marlene® apples to you in a completely new way!
Doro Wierer
The biathlon specialist, who comes from the Valle di Anterselva, is one of South Tyrol’s most famous sportspersons, with achievements which will go down in history. Now she offers us an exclusive look behind the scenes of her sport and wellness universe.
Óliver Peña Luque
Oliver Peña Luque is a true matador in the Spanish gastronomic scene. With no less than 3 Michelin stars to his credit, he is capable of creating truly unique culinary experiences. He has demonstrated his skills with a menu based around Marlene® apples.
Jimmy Øien
For Jimmy Øien, what matters is not how an ingredient looks, but how it can be incorporated into a dish. He has created an original four-course menu for us based on his sustainable philosophy.
Basile de Wulf
Like a true nomad discovering the art of food and wine, Basile de Wulf has worked in some of Europe’s most prestigious kitchens. His style has been shaped by the experiences that he has gained during his travels. To give us a taste, he has created exclusive dishes for us based around Marlene® apples.
Najat Kaanache
Moroccan chef Najat Kaanache shows us how sophisticated cuisine goes far beyond the borders of countries with a classic gastronomic tradition, such as France. Influences from both Spanish cuisine and her homeland can be found in her menu based around Marlene® apples.