Apple Tree Talk –

The arrival of summer marks the beginning of a bustling season for the apple orchards. It's the time when the aromas of Marlene® apples fill the air and farmer Hubert and his family get ready to tend their beloved trees. They prune the branches, thin the fruit and thoroughly monitor the weather to protect their precious harvest.

Apple Tree Talk –

The time of spring in South Tyrol is magical. The apple blossoms paint the orchards in shades of pink and white, giving us something to look forward to – delicious Marlene® apple harvest.
In the newest episode of “Apple Tree Talks“ three-Michelin stars and Green star for sustainability chef Norbert Niederkofler uncovers all the important aspects that have to be taken care of during the blooming season together with farmer Katharina Gamper.

Apple Tree Talk –

During the winter season, chef Norbert Niederkofler, who has been awarded with three Michelin Stars and a Green Star for sustainability, meets Marlene® farmer Stefan in his warm living room. After a few brief anecdotes about the farm’s past and what has to be considered when growing apples in winter, the two discuss the Golden Delicious apple.

Apple Tree Talk –

In the first episode of our video series featuring Norbert Niederkofler, the celebrity chef travels to Appiano to visit the apple farm of Marlene® fruit grower Ricky Ortler. Talking with Ricky, Norbert gets to know many key facts about the proper growing and harvesting of Gala apples and inspires with several cooking recommendations for this particular variety.

Norbert Niederkofler
The celebrity chef, a native of Lutago in the Valle Aurina, introduces the world to the extraordinary flavours of his homeland. And for us, he creates unique dishes, revealing Marlene® apples to you in a completely new way!