Mountain ceviche
up to 45 min.
serves 4
  • 60 g lake trout flesh
  • 5 g lake trout roe
  • Fresh apple juice Fuji Apple (depending on acidity of apple)
  • Anise powder
  • A little grated horseradish root
  • Fish skin crisps
  • Jerusalem artichoke crisps
  • Potato skin crisps
  • Salt to taste
Norbert Niederkofler
The celebrity chef, a native of Lutago in the Valle Aurina, introduces the world to the extraordinary flavours of his homeland. And for us, he creates unique dishes, revealing Marlene® apples to you in a completely new way!
A lake-caught trout and the juice of a Fuji apple create a surprisingly light, refreshing ceviche, made extra special by trout caviar and horse-radish; a perfect recipe for a hot summer day.
Lake trout
First of all, fillet the lake trout, carefully removing all the pin bones with tweezers, then after removing the backbone, use your knife to remove the skin, pulling it off carefully in one piece. Using a knife, cut the flesh into small dice suitable for a tartare.

Fish crisps
Trim any fat off the skin, using a knife or spoon lay it carefully out between 2 sheets of greaseproof paper on a perforated baking sheet and place another perforated sheet on top to prevent the skin from curling up.
Next, place in a dry fan oven at 150 °C for 18 minutes. After baking, leave the skin to cool until it becomes crisp and dry, at which point you can break it into large pieces and fry in frying oil at 200 °C until it puffs up.

Jerusalem artichoke crisps
Use a mandoline to slice the Jerusalem artichoke with skin still on to a thickness of 1-2 millimetres. Plunge into cold water, then pat dry with kitchen paper and fry in oil at a temperature of 145 - 155 °C. Once golden, remove from the fryer and drain on kitchen paper so that it is not greasy but lovely and crisp.

Potato skin crisps
For the potato skin crisps, after washing and peeling the potatoes, follow the same procedure as for the Jerusalem artichoke crisps.

Anise powder
Take the star anises and grind them in a spice grinder, then pass through a very fine sieve to eliminate any unpalatable larger fragments.

Fresh apple juice
Carefully wash 2 apples, remove the pips and core, leaving the skin on, then use a juicer to extract the juice which will be used to dress the fish. The remainder can be used to add to the dish just before service, with herby oil.

The horseradish root must be peeled and grated fresh when dressing the fish.