Breathtaking mountain ranges, transparent lakes and idyllic valleys. While South Tyrol is covered in ice and snow in winter, the region bursts into full bloom in spring. This is followed by sunny summer days and colourful autumn landscapes. Norbert Niederkofler’s place of origin is a real spectacle at any time of year and therefore also offers the perfect conditions for a varied culinary experience.

As chef of the St. Hubertus restaurant, Niederkofler places great emphasis on regional ingredients. This aspect has been awarded a Michelin Green Star for sustainability, a fitting accompaniment to the restaurant’s three Michelin stars. Those who want to sample Norbert Niederkofler’s cuisine must be sure to try his five-course apple-based menu. South Tyrolean tradition is the common thread running through the dishes, which can be found, for instance, in the mountain ceviche, made entirely from local ingredients. Enjoy cooking and bon appetit!