Four seasons, one apple

What makes Marlene®️ apples so extraordinary?
Is it the passionate dedication of the apple growers? For sure.
The excellent terroir? Definitely.
The radiance of the Mediterranean sun? Absolutely.

But one thing plays a very special role: the perfect climatic conditions in South Tyrol. Because where spring, summer, autumn and winter can fully develop, the best apples grow and thrive.

That is precisely why we want to highlight the theme of the four seasons.


Marlene® in summer: goodness takes time
The first apples appear on the trees during the hot South Tyrolean summer. To obtain plump, juicy Marlene® apples, farmers thin out excess fruit.

This process requires a lot of care: the right number of fruits must be removed so that the remaining fruits receive the optimum amount of nutrients and have enough space to ripen to the ideal size and colour.

Farmers regularly check plants for pests and take timely action if necessary. They also put-up hail nets to protect the apple trees. Everything must be ready for the long-awaited moment: the harvest.
Marlene® in spring: effort pays off
From March to May, the South Tyrolean apple trees are in full bloom, offering a unique spectacle: an array of white and pink blossoms. Bees and bumblebees buzz around in the spring sun in search of nectar and pollinate the flowers.

Only an undamaged, properly fertilised flower will produce a well-proportioned apple. Farmers do all they can to protect the blossom, which requires continuous effort.

If night-time temperatures drop below zero, there is a risk that the delicate buds will freeze. Some farmers counteract this by using irrigation: as water freezes around the buds, it creates a protective layer of ice. Others light hundreds of special candles to maintain certain temperatures in the surrounding environment, ensuring a bountiful harvest.
Marlene® in winter: rest generates strength
How do apple trees survive the cold South Tyrolean winters? They lose their leaves and enter the so-called vegetative rest phase, during which they gain strength for the next growth period.

Farmers use this period for winter pruning, thinning out the branches to provide better light exposure. This ensures ideal conditions for the apples to develop to an optimal size and colour.

In late winter the right timing is crucial: temperatures must not be too high, otherwise the trees will start to bud too early. Once pruning is complete, in late February, the trees slowly awaken and reveal themselves in all their majesty.
Marlene® in autumn: harvesting and enjoying the fruits of our labour
Autumn is harvest season! The different varieties of Marlene® apples in South Tyrol reach full maturity between mid-August and late November. The optimal climate, with its large temperature differences between day and night, allows the apples to acquire their rich colour. Apples on the branches are waiting to be picked.

This is the most demanding time of year for the farmers: up at the crack of dawn, they check the machinery and coordinate their assistants’ work. All Marlene® apples are carefully hand-picked.

After the harvest, the farmer takes the apples to the cooperative, where, after careful inspection, they are kept cool in cold storage. From here they will arrive on the tables of gourmets, children and adults eager to take a bite of a crispy Marlene® apple.

Seasonal stickers

Marlene® apples: artistic stickers
to promote a natural product

Just as we did in 2020, for the Marlene® anniversary, this year we are presenting unique seasonal stickers specially created by artists from all over the world.

Just before the start of each season and for two weeks, Marlene® apples will get a new look thanks to one of these special stickers.


Artist: Luca Santella
Work title: Winter red

Artist: Sara Vera Lecaro
Work title: Marlene flowers

Artist: Cristina Franco Roda
Work title: The Marlene harvest


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