Fuji x Silentum
How about a gourmet foray into Asia? The delicious combination of Fuji and Silentum make it possible. The unique refinement technique involving fig leaves gives the goat cheese an extraordinary aroma of coconut, which is the perfect enhancement to the date flavour of the Fuji apple. When served as a fruit salad with figs and lime blossom honey, the look of this pairing is also extremely tasteful.
Fuji x Karamell
Fuji x Lagrein
Red temptation – a perfect description of the combination of the fruity Fuji apple and the full-bodied Lagrein. The pomegranate red wine with fine notes of ripe cherry and red berry harmonises perfectly with apple’s spicy, fruity flavour palette.
Fuji x Speck
The combination of the sweet and juicy Fuji apple and salty, smoky speck is simply unforgettable. It creates a perfect balance between the refreshing apple and the compact flavour of the speck.
Royal Gala x Candidum
How can you experience a genuine explosion of flavour? With this exciting pairing of creamy Candidum cheese and a crunchy Royal Gala apple! The juicy apples creates a pleasurable contrast to the fine texture of the Camembert. The unique cheese flavours of undergrowth and mushrooms are enhanced by the sweet aroma of the apple. Our tip: Warm the cheese in the oven before eating!
Royal Gala x Haselnüsse
Royal Gala x Lagrein Rosé
This combination is all about fruity notes. The delicious Royal Gala apple charms with its flavours of pear and apricot, and the berry-like flavour of Lagrein Rosé is the perfect complement.
Royal Gala x Schinken
Sweetness and acidity in harmony! The juicy firmness of the Royal Gala apple is an optimal match for soft boiled ham. In combination with cured ham, the apple also creates a delicious pairing.
Granny Smith x Graukäse
Acidity is the focus of this combination. The traditional acid-set cheese impresses with its savoury, rustic flavour and finds a harmonious counterpart in the fresh grass aroma of the Granny Smith apple. This combination also evokes an exciting feeling in the mouth: the result of the crunchiness of the apple and the jelly-like consistency of the cheese.
Granny Smith x Zimt-Basilikum
Granny Smith x Sylvaner
What makes these components the perfect companions? The high-acidity Granny Smith apple finds a balanced counterpart in the fresh aromas of the Sylvaner wine. The wine features notes of citrus fruits, herbs and minerals that create a distinctive flavour experience in conjunction with the green aromas of the apple.
Granny Smith x Salami
Opposites attract! The refreshingly sour Granny Smith apple finds a harmonious counterpart in the intensive seasoning of salami. Together, they form a balanced combination that delights both the palate and the senses.
Red Delicious x Latemar
A combination that harmonises in terms of colour – and more. Both the aromatic Alpine cheese and the sweet apple have a cream-coloured glow when cut. What else turns the two components into well-matched companions? The interplay of flavours! The caramel and white chocolate notes of the cheese are perfectly rounded out by the vanilla aroma and acidity of the apple.
Red Delicious x Lindenhonig
Red Delicious x Moscato Rosa
How is it possible to pamper your senses with a veritable feast of flavours? With this unique pairing of the sweet Red Delicious apple and fruity Moscato Rosa. The dessert wine features a diverse palette of aromas with notes of rose, cloves, cinnamon and orange peel that perfectly complements the green flavours of the apple.
Red Delicious x Bresaola
A unique combination of fruity sweetness and hearty seasoning. When paired with bresaola, the Red Delicious creates a balanced, mouth-watering taste sensation, as the flavours of the two ingredients harmonise perfectly with each other.
Golden Delicious x Golden Gel
The gold standard! Golden Gel, the blue cheese, and the exquisite apple Golden Delicious are a combination that melts on the tongue to create a sweet and tangy taste sensation. The earthy nuances of the cheese perfectly supplement the fruity flavours of the apple. Simply cut the apple in half, sprinkle with chopped walnuts and small cubes of the cheese and then lightly brown under a grill/in the oven.
Golden Delicious x Buchweizenkekse
Golden Delicious x Pinot Bianco
A true taste sensation: the juicy, aromatically sweet notes of the Golden Delicious and the refreshing aromas of white fruit and Alpine herbs of the Pinot Bianco are optimal complements. The apple leaves a fine acidity on the palate that is balanced by the wine’s concentrated minerality.
Golden Delicious x Kaminwurz
Unconventional but tasty – these words best describe the combination of Golden Delicious and Kaminwurz, a regional dry-cured sausage. The aromatically sweet apple has found the ideal companion in spicy Kaminwurz, as the pairing has a surprisingly perfect flavour.