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Enjoy Marlene® apples and win the innovative Audi A3 Sportback or one of 200 great prizes which can be personalised on Spreadshirt.
From February, 200 Spreadshirt vouchers will be raffled off. The competition will end on 31st May 2017, when the final super prize, the highly popular Audi A3 Sportback, will be raffled off amongst all the participants in the competition.
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Marlene, 7 apple varieties guaranteed by the PGI certification “Mela Alto Adige”

South Tyrol has the ideal climate for outstanding apples. There’s an apple for every taste.

From the tree onto your table – the apples’ journey

Marlene® apples are more than just a taste of nature. The entire region takes pride in them. For this reason, farmers do their best every single day. All the 5,000 fruit growers are regularly inspected before any of the numerous apple varieties arrive onto your tables along with their approved quality.

Bio Marlene, tasty by nature

Organic farming of varieties for every taste
Bio Marlene® apples are the fruit of 187 South-Tyrolean growers’ hard work, commitment, and passion; growers who chose organic farming. Every action in the orchard aims at one ambitious goal: bringing onto the consumers’ tables only the very best Mother Nature can provide.

About us


Once upon a time…

…there were some beautiful apples that grew in South Tyrol/Südtirol. The fruit of unspoilt nature and offspring of tradition, they grew to be natural and delicious…