Marlene® apples are created, grow and are sold by VOG, the Alto Adige Fruit Growers Cooperative with 16 member cooperatives representing 5,200 producers that together harvest some 600,000 tonnes of apples a year, equal to 25% of the Italian harvest. Other than 7 Marlene® apples, the VOG Consortium harvests and sells 4 other varieties that are highly valued and always in demand: Pink Lady®, Kanzi®, Modì® and Rubens®. Would you like to find out about them? Let's meet them one by one.



Characteristics and uses:
very versatile, it is ideal cooked or in salads; it is also used in jams, desserts, with meat and vegetables.

pink colour that covers more than half of the surface, with a green base that turns to yellow. Oblong to cylindrical and regular in shape; medium-large size.

very juicy and crunchy, with a high sugar content.

fruity and slightly tart.

On sale:
from November to April.    


Find out more about Pink Lady®.

Feel like relaxing surrounded by the grounds where our apples grow? Click here to explore farmsteads belonging to fruit-growers in the South Tyrol area where Marlene Apples are grown!

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