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    The much-loved Marlene® Sunshine Race is back

    We're talking about one of the most important Italian mountain bike racing events, which this year will involve over 600 competitors from 20 different countries. The Marlene<sup>®</sup> Sunshine Race, the top cross country event sponsored by Marlene<sup>®</sup>, will take place this year on 13 and 14 April, once again attracting a swarm of ace mountain bike racers to the South Tyrol.

    These will include Marco Aurelio Fontana, the champion from Lombardy who won bronze at the London Olympics, and the German Sabine Spitz, who won the Women's silver in London, and gold in Peking.

    On a racecourse of 36.6 km for the men and 26,6 km for the women, both these champions will have to fight off fierce attacks from scores of ace riders. In the men's event these will include Ivan Alvarez Gutierrez, Germany's Manuel Fumic, the Austrian Alexander Gehbauer and Gerhard Kerschbaumer from the South Tyrol. Among the women, top stars will be Italy's Eva Lechner, Austria's Elisabeth Osl and the Slovenian champions Tanja Zakelj and Blaza Klemencic.

    Spectacular thrills and spills are guaranteed!

    Further information: www.sunshineracers-nals.it/

    We look forward to seeing you there!



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