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    From 13 to 19 August, make a rendez-vous in 9 Provincial Museums in South Tyrol with those delicious Royal Gala Marlene® apples

    Anyone visiting any of South Tyrol's Provincial Museums between the 13th and the 19th of August will find a mouth-watering surprise waiting for them.

    Their gift will consist of a Royal Gala Marlene® apple, freshly picked by members of the VOG Consortium based in Terlano (Bolzano): for 6 days all visitors to the main Museums in South Tyrol will receive one, in a practical single-fruit pack.

    For the duration of the initiative, everyone will be able to immerse themselves in the cultural heritage of the valleys where these apples grow while simultaneously relishing their delicious taste.

    Among the Museums adhering to this journey through the area's historical and geographical heritage are the South Tyrol Archaeological Museum and the Natural Science Museum in Bolzano (on 14 August the former, and from 13 to 15 the latter), the Provincial Tourism Museum in Merano (from 13 to 15 August), the Mining Museums in Predoi and Ridanna (from 17 to 19 the former, from 16 to 19 the latter), the Granaio Mining Museum in Cadipietra (17 August), the Provincial Local Customs and Traditions Museum in Teodone, near Brunico (from 17 to 19 August), the Wine Museum in Caldaro (14 August), the Ladin Museum in San Martino in Badia (17 August) and the Hunting and Fishing Museum in Mareta, inside the impressive Wolfsthurn Castle (17 August). 

    Click here to download the day by day calendar of Museums. See you there!



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