Home of apples

“What one cannot do alone, many can do together.”

Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen, cooperative pioneer.

Trust and cooperation, two key words that set VOG in 1945 and still form the backbone of our Consortium today.
We currently offer a wide range of diversified product available all over the world.
We are present in more than 75 countries with a wide assortment and brands that are promoted through national and international marketing. The quality of our products, our innovative capacity and our customer focus apporach have allowed us to achieve these great results.
Years of History
VOG is the 'Home of Apples', the South Tyrolean apple base where competence, authority and quality live together. Here, customers and consumers find excellent products and services: the best apples and top fruit-growing experts, all in a unique place. Origin, Expertise, Sustainability, Products and Brands are the four elements that make up our home.
Home of apples
South Tyrol-S├╝dtirol: where quality apples grow.
Nature provides excellent conditions in the VOG cultivation area. Indeed, South Tyrol - Südtirol enjoys an ideal microclimate allowing our fruit to grow and ripen perfectly. At an altitude between 200 and 1000 m, every variety of apple finds its ideal environment. The warm days and cool nights, typical of the Alpine-Mediterranean climate, make them grow at their best. The 300 days of sunshine per year and 800 mm of rain allow them to reach optimum ripeness and their excellent, fresh and juicy aroma.
At the heart of it all is our territory.
The strength of unity is powered by quality.
Quality is at the heart of our home and collaboration is key to our work. We share expertise to optimise the entire production chain and ensure economic stability for our fruit growers and employees, the pillars to our home.
At our place, we share expertise to cultivate quality.
The extraordinary location of the cultivation area.
South Tyrol-Südtirol, the cradle for apples, is located in the north of Italy. The area is protected by the Alpine mountains and it gets warm air from the south. It is the ideal region for growing the world's best apples. Our production area is located between Merano, Bolzano and Bressanone.
Sustainable today for tomorrow's generations.
Our apples, the root to our success.
Under our sky live many types of apples, each with its own personality and flavour, all sharing an exquisitely genuine taste. In our place there is always the certainty of finding the right apple for every need, available all year round.
Products and Brands
The best apples live here.