Dorothea Wierer

Just like Marlene® apples, Dorothea Wierer is also a true daughter of the Alps. The biathlete, originally from the valley of Anterselva in east South Tyrol - Südtirol, is one of the best South Tyrolean athletes of all time.

“Doro” has been one of the world’s leading biathletes for many years and with her World Cup victory in 2018/19 wrote an unforgettable page in the history of Italian sport. Having become the first Italian athlete to win the biathlon world cup in 2019, in 2020 she won two more medals at the world championships in Anterselva. The same year she also won the World Cup for the second time.

Dorothea Wierer is always coming up with new ideas for the Marlene® brand and reveals her secrets for keeping in shape and looking great at all times.